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Timelimit: 5
Speed: 360
Powerups: Quad
Clean f_modified
f_ruleset smackdown (add -ruleset smackdown on command line)
The f_modified and f_ruleset rules are only if opposing player demands it, but it's okay to do so. Hey we're all friends here, right? :)
map: rampage (includes map and loc, ~100kb)
Please demo, and get MVD's from the servers
Please take screenshots of end result for posting here afterwards, ty.
Disconnects/Lag outs will hopefully not be a problem, but they will be judged on for a rematch if it happens
Servers to choose from:
(or any other pureCTF server in North America that has rampage and we can get admin on - ???)

There will be 4-6 teams, each will start out with a captain. The captains will be allowed to draft 1 player from a pool of specified ctf players. I will determine the 4-6 captains based on how many players we have, and based on their known skill -- don't get offended please. The last ranked team will have the 1st draft pick, then the 2nd last ranked team will have the next pick...and so on, until everyone has picked a player .

After the teams have been set, there will be pool play. Every team will play every other team. If there were more than 1 acceptable US CTF server, the lower ranked team would be able to choose the server. (100ping or 15+ pl is not acceptable)

The draft occurs as soon as the captain with the next pick picks. The draft will take place 20 minutes before the games are scheduled to start on gameday. Please collect the MVD demos from the server and take screenshots at the end of rounds.

Team Name (rank) Captain Pick Player drafted
Epsilon (5) HarCon 1st pick lemon
Delta (4) BLooD DoG 2nd pick PiAnO DoG
Chi (3) WhitE DoG 3rd pick ia
Beta (2) Skelman 4th Creature
Alpha (1) ult 5th Poindexter

Pool of Players (in no specific order)
- picked by
- picked by
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