Who turned this thing on!? 2020-04-06
What better thing to do during a global pandemic then bring back a website that has been down for 14 years? I've always had the backups of the source code and database, but had never actually considered doing this and certainly didn't have the time. For quite a while someone was squatting the domain, but it just happened to be available when I checked which pushed this from random thought in my head to actually doing it.

I wanted a bit of a challenge so I didn't try to replicate the old server, but instead upgraded as much as I could. PHP5 to PHP7 and whatever 14 year old version of MySQL to the latest MariaDB. I don't think I wrote any of the original PHP code (only the backend demo parsing), but hats off to dew and skel as the migration was fairly easy. For those interested the code is here.

Unfortunately demos and screenshots were not backed up. I also have the forum database backup, but it doesn't look like its compatible with newer versions of phpBB. I'm sure the older versions don't work with PHP7 and would have hundreds of vulnerabilities.
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Quakecon 2006 2006-06-26

Stolen from www.quakecon.org:

We know you all have been waiting to find out about QuakeCon 2006, and we want to thank you for your patience. We’ve had some unexpected issues locking in the dates and location, but don’t worry, we’re still bringing you another kick-ass QuakeCon event, and it’s already right around the corner - August 3 – 6 in Dallas, TX at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in their Trinity Exhibition Center.

It looks like you can reserve a room starting today (June 26th) @ 12pm CDT, and sign-ups for the BYOC start on Wednesday, June 28th. There was a small, but decent qw presence last year, is anyong planning on going this year?

More arm wrestling, 1on1, 2on2, and CTF games for this years event? Take a look for more information, here, or add yourself to the list in our forum, here.

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Build a better league? 2006-06-06
That's right, it's 6/6/6 today -- PENT news baby!

EQL4 Discussions have started here, and they talk of a more strict schedule. Feel free to head over and join the discussion (or spend a few hours reading the comments that have already been posted).

It brings up an interesting idea, teams being able to choose days they are committed to playing on (choose 3 dates of these 5 ... M/T/W/Th/Su), and one of 3 hour blocks (8/9/10pm, or whatever). Then the schedule is automatically created, choosing whichever days match between the 2 teams. The teams either show up and play the match at that time, or they get a forfeit loss. It's an idea to try and increase the amount of qw being played, and I like where it's going.

Could this be a good answer to qw leagues in NA, too? No more bothering of scheduling things, just know when your match is, and show up. I like it.

Any comments?

(Sorry, there isn't really any pent news)

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Summer breeze... 2006-06-05
Yeah that's right, the summer breeze makes me feel fine.

NA QW is taking it's usual summer break, and seems very inactive this time around. There are very few 4on4 games, and even with a large number of new servers throughout the states, there has been little qw'ing. Both 2on2 dm leagues have been cancelled due to inactivity and it's just so damn nice outside too. I'll be working on my tan, and lets schedule some games for September-ish. Sound good?

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Design the new quakeworld.us logo! 2006-04-21
So the consensus is the quakeworld.us logo gets the job done, but it isn't that great. I've heard "tough to look at", "ugly", and "horrible looking", but enough about ult, let's get back to the issue at hand -- the logo. (kidding)

So if you're interested in making a new logo for the site, and have some photoshop skills, give it a try. The image should be 680 x 250ish. It can vary from the 250 mark if it needs to. The logo should have the text 'quakeworld.us' in it as well.

Send any logos to skel [at] quakeworld [dot] us along with your quake name so I can give credit. Don't be shy, send me what you come up with by May 7th, Thanks!

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