How to Make a Quakeworld Tournament Work 2006-07-24

As you can see the common trend for a Quakeworld tournament is that they never finish. Here are some general problems I see time and time again:

-40% of the teams always seem to play 1 or less of their games
-70% of the teams strategically hold off their games against better competitors until later thinking they will be better later on to actually beat them, but for some reason they never get better and never play the games
-25% of the teams quit after their first game because the realize they are not competitive enough to be in the tournament
-100% of the teams cannot agree on a schedule to play their match and they are held off for weeks and eventually get forgotten

These situations destroy tournaments. I feel it’s not because of the Quakeword players, it has 100% to do with the structure of the tournament. Because of the leniency of the rules games get put off and teams are not encouraged to complete games. Organizers need to develop strict guidelines with match dates and times that do not bend or else these matches will not get played. Also keep in mind holidays and Superbowls when creating the original schedule

Think of the World Cup, if you tell them they can play the game whenever they feel like it, The team with the injured players will probably wait till all of their injured players are healed and strategically ready, and goodness knows how long that will take, it will probably never get played. That’s why dates and times are posted

Dates and Times make it easier to process goals. It is a lot more comforting knowing that a Quakeworld game will be played on this day no matter what, rather than thinking a Quakeworld game might be played on this day. After showing up 3 times for a date and time that you think the game might be played at and the other team does not show, by this time you don’t give a fuck anymore and the integrity the tournament is lost. If I know that the game will be played at a certain time or else a forfeit, I will show up and try my darndest to win.

Another thing, If it’s a high profile such as AG vs Fired, people will know the date and time of the game and know when to show up to spec, generating new interest in the game. Quakeworld needs to gain new members as we lose members, and special events will promote interest.

Let’s talk about tournaments. I haven’t seen one in a long time. I know the Europeans are able to man successful tournaments. What are you guys interested in? I know I do not see a lot of people on the servers lately probably due to lack of tournaments. I don’t think we need to give out prizes to raise the interest. What should the next tournament be? 1on1? 2on2? 4on4? Is there a possibility that we can make a 4on4 team that can be competitive vs boss? or will that just be a waste of time? I feel that that’s the general feeling in 4on4 that kills the interest. 1on1 however is still an open book, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Def take back his title or even Myth and Cyan rising up to the challenge. 2on2s could also be interesting since there are too many good players to stick them on 1 2on2 team :P. 4on4 however is suffering, perhaps boss should split into 2, so that it will not be a sheer boss dominance. Tell me what you guys think.

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