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Playoffs / Bracket results 2006-02-22
Best of 3 Best of 3 Best of 5    
    (1) skel / creature 2      
(4) blood / piano 2 match   skel / creature 2  
  match   blood / piano 1      
(5) harcon / lemon 0          
          match   ultimo / poindxtr
    (2) ultimo / poindxtr 2      
      match   ultimo / poindxtr 3  
    (3) white / ia 0      
  Best of 5   3rd place    
blood / piano 3    
Losers Bracket match (1 tie) blood / piano    
white / ia 2      

Pool play standings (and seeds):
(1) Beta: skel / creature 3-1
(2) Alpha: ultimo / poindxtr 3-1
(3) Chi: white / ia 2-2
(4) Delta: blood / piano 1-3
(5) Epsilon: harcon / lemon 1-3

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Tourney completed! 2006-02-17
GG's everyone. Stats and demos and such should be up tomorrow hopefully.

UPDATE: Stats and demos are up for the tourney. Also, the stats and demos have been submitted for Rampage 2005 here.

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Rampage loc 2006-02-16
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Tourney Tonight! 2006-02-16
Well the day is finally here. I hope to see some old schoolers as well as new faces participating in the 2on2 tourney tonight. We'll be starting the draft at 815pmEST, so please showup in #qwctf on etg. If you need the map and loc, grab it from the rules page.

The dev team hit a small snag, so I apologize for not getting Rampage 2005 stats up on the site yet. We should be able to work that out fairly soon I hope.

We will be trying to report matches on the fly tonight, so you can follow the action by spectating the games themselves, or checking the page for results. That is -- if all goes well with the code update ;)

If you have any questions, ask me or do7hedew. Good luck everyone!

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Work behind the scenes... 2006-02-07
Since this will be the first CTF tournament in the new tourney system, some changes are needed behind the scenes. The dev team is working on implementing changes to our stat processing to bring you the same (and perhaps more) graphs that were featured in NA NQR2 match reports. Coming with these graphs for the CTF games will be new CTF-based stats, including Captures, Flag Returns, Assists, Grapple kills, and more! Even the total time you had the flag during the game will be a statistic.

As a bonus, we plan on importing the Rampage 2005 tournament stats and match results to the system for all to see. Tourney players will be able to download the entire tournament from last year in mvd form and study up for the 2006 tournament.  :D  This should be coming within the next week.

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