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No playoffs 2006-06-03
Tourney is over due to lack of interest on both my part and the players. Have a nice summer.
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Wait and see... 2006-05-22

I went ahead and removed a bunch of teams that hadn't played any matches up till this point. That leaves 6 teams in div 1, and 8 in div 2. All EU teams are gone from div 1, but 3 pure EU teams remain in div 2 along with the mix NA / EU team of Steek / Insane.

Hopefully more matches will get played now I've trimmed the fat, as Skitter used to say. When the time for playoffs arrive we'll see what happens. In the mean time try to get some more matches played if possible. :) There are 2 weeks of regular season play remaining. The season is over June 4th.

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Inactivity 2006-05-14

The tournament thus far has gotten off to a rocky start, and I am wondering what players think I should do about it. Currently 12 teams haven't played one match which is almost 50% of the teams signed up. I could remove them all since the vast majority of them apparently signed up without any intention of playing their matches. That'd leave 6 teams in div1, and 8 teams in div 2.

I think most of the damage caused by these inactive teams is already done however. When roughly half the teams in a tournament are inactive it saps a lot of the competitive spirit from other teams. It also seems a bit ridiculous to give out money when it looks to be a competition of who can manage to play enough teams to make it to the playoffs.

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skeLman's PIC3 Power Ranking 2006-05-04
Can be viewed here. Maybe someone can start a flame war, etc but in all seriousness his rankings seem fairly accurate. I would like to really hear some EU opinions on his column however. :)
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Yes, the tourney has started... 2006-05-01

So play your matches! :) This is just to clear up any confusion, as apparently some players believed it had not in fact started yet. Feel free to play matches earlier than their scheduled week. If you have any problems contacting your opponents you can message me and I should be able to point you in the right direction.

Also some advice for EU vs NA matches - generally I would say you should schedule these matches well in advance and play on the weekends. Usually around afternoon for NA players would work best as that's night time in EU. Constant communication is key to getting hard to schedule matches played.

BTW, very few of the first weeks matches got played. There are probably more than a few teams who are not serious about the tournament and will likely be removed by the season end. Also one of the top teams(Def and Ult) dropped out.

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