QuakeWorld Servers

Name Address Port
qwctf virginia va.quakeworld.us 27500
qwctf texas tx.quakeworld.us 27500
qwdm virginia #1 va.quakeworld.us 27502
qwdm virginia #2 va.quakeworld.us 27503
qwdm texas tx.quakeworld.us 10668
qizmo virginia va.quakeworld.us 28000
qizmo texas tx.quakeworld.us 10667

For a comprehensive list of quakeworld servers check out QuakeServers.net.
The Chicago servers were taken down since there are a few other qw servers in the same building now. Should there be a need for them to return in the future then they will.

We also host a few other games from time to time including qw tf, et, and savage. Teamspeak and Ventrillo servers are available for use by NA qw clans.

ZDaemon players: I shut down all my doom servers a while back for various reasons.
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